1. Adiabatic Communication and Combinatorial Pulse-Position Modulation Method and Device

  Filed Application for US Patent (App. No.: US17/676727, filed on 02/21/2022)

  Inventors: B. Chatterjee and S. Sen

2. US20220193427A1: Bi-phasic quasi-static brain communication device and method

  Filed Application for US Patent (App. No.: US17/560,525, filed on 12/23/2020, published on 06/23/2022)

  Inventors: S. Sen, B. Chatterjee and M. Nath

3. WO2023163840A1: Communication and Powering Systems and Methods Between Implantable and Wearable Smart Devices

  Filed Application for US/WO Patent (App. No.: PCT/US2023/011832, filed on 01/30/2023, published on 08/31/2023)

  Inventors: S. Sen, B. Chatterjee, M. Nath and A. Datta

4. US20230336123A1: Variable Capacitor Devices with Differential Voltage Control

  Filed Application for US Patent (App. No.: US17/723165, filed on 04/18/2022, published on 10/19/2023)

  Inventors: J.O. Plouchart, S. Chakraborty, D. Friedman and B. Chatterjee

5. Look-Up Table-based In-Memory Computing System

  Filed Application for US Patent (App. No.: 63/514386, filed on 07/19/2023)

  Inventors: S. Bhunia and B. Chatterjee

6. Design Considerations for Transmitter and Receiver for Personal Health Care Applications

  Granted Indian Patent #408641 (App. No.: 201621001014, published on 07/14/2017)

 Inventors: A. Srivastava, N. Sankar K., B. Chatterjee, M. Ahmad, Rakesh K.K., D.M. Das, V. Saraf, J. Anantha P., A. Gupta, D.K. Sharma and M.S. Baghini

7. Tunable Reference Voltage Generating Circuit and Method Thereof

  Granted Indian Patent #374571 (App. No.: 2464/MUM/20154, published on 12/30/2016)

  Inventors: N. Modak, B. Chatterjee and M.S. Baghini

8. Galvanic Electro-Quasistatic Wearable to Implantable Communication for a Smart Contact Lense”
  Filed Application for US Patent (Prov. App. # 63/314,736, filed on 2/28/2022)
  Inventors: S. Sen, M. Nath, A. Datta, and B. Chatterjee