Recent News

Recent News

Recent News

  • [June 12, 2024] Four High-School students from Florida and Georgia joins WISE Lab for summer research. Welcome Ettienne, Logan, Ryan and Youle!
  • [June 1, 2024] WISE Lab is leading an NSF project on the Co-Design of Electromagnetics, Nanomaterials, Circuits and Architectures for Generic Protection against Side-Channels. Further details can be found here.

  • [May 25, 2024] Paper accepted in ESSCIRC 2024, Bruges, Belgium: Congratulations to all co-authors!
  • [May 14, 2024] WISE Lab welcomes Mr. Thomas Heindel as a summer research fellow through the Research Experience and Mentoring (REM) program led by the MIST center, University of Florida.
  • [Apr 18, 2024] Ratul Kundu and Ovishake Sen have been selected for the NSF travel grant award to travel to HOST 2024. Congratulations, Ratul and Ovishake!
  • [Apr 17, 2024] Anyu Jiang and Asif Iftekhar Omi have been selected for the IEEE EMBC NextGen Scholar Award, 2024. Congratulations, Anyu and Asif!
  • [Apr 15, 2024] Four Papers accepted at EMBC 2024. Congratulations, Anyu and Asif!
  • [Apr 7, 2024] Ovishake Sen is selected as a DAC Young Fellow for the 2024 cycle. Congratulations, Ovishake!
  • [March 19, 2024] WISE Lab will be a part of the Research Experience and Mentoring (REM) program led by the MIST center for Summer 2024. This is a is a summer research experience for researchers from two-year colleges to join an ongoing engineering research project. Over the duration of the 8-week on-campus internship students will work on projects focused on next generation technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT). Interested students can apply here.
  • [January 29, 2024] WISE Lab will be involved in the Central Florida Semiconductors Innovation Regional Engine as a part of the UF team led by Dr. Y.K. Yoon. Further details on the Regional Engine can be found here, while the details on the NSF Inaugural Engines program can be found here.

  • [Aug 16, 2023] Everestus Ezike receives Dean’s Research Award (DRA) at UF for his graduate studies. Congratulations, Everestus!
  • [Aug 16, 2023] Three new Ph.D. students – Anyu Jiang,  Ratul Kundu, and Everestus Ezike join WISE Lab as incoming Ph.D. Students. Welcome, Anyu, Ratul, and Everestus.
  • [Aug 8, 2023] WISE Lab, along with the Neural Interface Technology Lab at UF and the Center for Internet of Bodies (C-IoB) jointly organized a Special Session on “Pioneering Wireless Technologies for Wearables and Implants” in the IEEE International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems(MWSCAS), held at Phoenix, Arizona, USA, during Aug 6-9, 2023.
  • [June 12, 2023] Ovishake’s first Journal Paper is accepted in MDPI Sensors on detecting speech and motor activities from neural signals (review). Congratulations, Ovishake!
  • [May 31, 2023] Our paper on Bi-Phasic Quasistatic Brain Communication for Fully Untethered Connected Brain Implants is Accepted in Nature Electronics (2023 Impact Factor: 33.255). This paper demonstrates how the conductive properties of the brain tissue can be utilized for creating a low-loss, electro-quasistatic mode of communication from a wireless brain implant to an external aggregator, and enable broadband/wideband data transfer in a deep brain implant due to the low end-to-end channel loss. The work was done when I was still a Ph.D. student at Purdue University. A big thanks, and huge congratulations to our collaborators, Dr. Shreyas Sen and Dr. Krishna Jayant.
  • [May 20, 2023] WISE Lab, along with the Neural Interface Technology Lab at UF and the Center for Internet of Bodies (C-IoB), is organizing a Special Poster Session on “Next-Gen Wearables and Implants: Harnessing the Power of the Internet of Bodies (IoB)” in the IEEE International Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference (BioCAS), to be held at Toronto, Canada, during Oct 19-21, 2023.

  • [Apr 4, 2023] Congratulations to WISE Lab UG Researchers Anna, Pranay, and Kabir, who presented their work on Speech/Handwriting Recognition from Neural Signals at the 24th Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium, University of Florida.
  • [Jan 1, 2023] Ovishake Sen joins WISE Lab as an incoming Ph.D. Student. Welcome, Ovishake.
  • [Nov 1, 2022] Paper accepted at the Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering (2023 Impact Factor: 11.324). A big thanks, and congratulations to our collaborators, Dr. Shreyas Sen (Purdue University) and Dr. Pedram Mohseni (Case Western Reserve University).

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  • [Sept 22, 2022] Paper presented in ESSCIRC 2022, Milan, Italy: B. Chatterjee, Gaurav Kumar K., S. Xiao, G. Barik, J. Krishna and  S. Sen,  “A 1.8μW 5.5mm3 ADC-less Neural Implant SoC utilizing 13.2pJ/Sample Time-domain Bi-Phasic Quasi-static Brain Communication with Direct Analog to Time Conversion,” 2022 IEEE European Solid-State Circuits Conference (ESSCIRC), Milan, Italy, 2022.

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  • [Aug 16, 2022] Baibhab Chatterjee joins ECE Florida as an Assistant Professor. He will be working on low-power/energy-efficient and secure solutions for analog, mixed-signal and RF solutions for IoT, IoB, and Healthcare.