What we do: Convert Smart Systems to WISE ones

Wireless Intelligent Sensor Electronics Lab

Targeted toward Wearable and Implantable Systems Engineering
— [Oct 10, 2022] WISE Lab has one more immediate opening for a Domestic PhD research scholar, preferably with an interest in Hardware Security Applications. Please contact me by email at chatterjee.b@ufl.edu with your CV.
— [Sept 30, 2022] WISE Lab, along with The Tabrizian Group, has an immediate opening for a post-doctoral position, preferably with experience in temperature and aging compensation of on-chip clock. Please contact me by email at chatterjee.b@ufl.edu with your CV.


Specific Research Directions:
1) Intelligent Sensing Mechanisms: Context-aware, Low-power/Energy-efficient
2) Low-Power and Highly Stable On-Chip Clocking Solutions 
3) Internet of Bodies (IoB): Seamless and Secure connectivity on, in, and around the human body
4) Miniaturized, Secure IoT Nodes: General purpose nodes and hardware (COTS/ASIC) design
5) Continuous Monitoring and e-Healthcare: Application-driven ASIC design
6) Neural Interfaces and Neuromorphic Systems

Areas: Analog/Digital/Mixed-SIgnal/RF VLSI Circuit Design, System Design, IoT, ML

WISE Lab Research Sponsors:

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