• [January 29, 2024] WISE Lab will be involved in the Central Florida Semiconductors Innovation Regional Engine as a part of the UF team led by Dr. Y.K. Yoon. Further details on the Regional Engine can be found here, while the details on the NSF Inaugural Engines program can be found here.

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  • [Sept 22, 2022] Paper presented in ESSCIRC 2022, Milan, Italy: B. Chatterjee, Gaurav Kumar K., S. Xiao, G. Barik, J. Krishna and  S. Sen,  “A 1.8μW 5.5mm3 ADC-less Neural Implant SoC utilizing 13.2pJ/Sample Time-domain Bi-Phasic Quasi-static Brain Communication with Direct Analog to Time Conversion,” 2022 IEEE European Solid-State Circuits Conference (ESSCIRC), Milan, Italy, 2022.

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  • [Aug 16, 2022] Baibhab Chatterjee joins ECE Florida as an Assistant Professor. He will be working on low-power/energy-efficient and secure solutions for analog, mixed-signal and RF solutions for IoT, IoB, and Healthcare.